Greetings from the atoms

Water breeds things of all things and creates the nature.
Then, the land and sky shape their beauty.
The way of beauty is hidden in the water.
The supreme authenticity, flexibility,
kindness, and aesthetics are combined internally and externally to achieve perfection of beauty.
To show gratefulness to the source of beauty,
Rossui adopts the advanced technology, and applies graphene—the secret material from the nature—to life.
The light wave of life demonstrated by graphene stimulates the natural
beauty of females from the inside to the outside via the most natural instinct.
Derive from the nature and return to the nature.
Rossui turns “light beauty” into a relaxing and graceful attitude towards life.



Chongqing Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of “Graphene+” and conducts R&D layout and product development in accordance with the strategy of “materials to be devices, devices to be terminals, terminals to be systems”. Around scale production of graphene thin-film materials and the development of products with graphene materials as the core, with the end product demand as the traction, it realizes the penetration of graphene material-device-system-terminal-market full-value chain and builds a research and development platform, aggregates innovative resources, gathers outstanding talents, strengthens R&D layout and application product development, continues to introduce new products so as to enhance the company's innovation capability and core competitiveness, and actively promote the company's development.


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granted patents

2012.12The first domestic 15-inch single-layer graphene was introduced 2013.5
Chongqing Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. settled in the High-tech Zone2013.12The first large-scale graphene thin-film production line was put into production and the output reached 1 million square meters per year.
2015.03The world's first batch of graphene mobile phones under mass production came out
2016.04 7-inch graphene flexible touch screen came out
2016.04The world's first batch of graphene flexible mobile phones unveiled at the Chongqing High-Tech Fair
2016.08The world's first batch of graphene e-books under mass production came out
2017.05The second graphene thin film production line was completed and put into production. The production capacity of single-layer graphene film was increased to 3 million square meters per year.
2017.11 Graphene film manufacturing equipment, Chongqing Key Laboratory of Industrial and Information Technology was established

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