Magical graphene

Graphene, also known as "black gold", is the only two-dimensional atomic crystal film currently known in nature,
and is the lightest and thinnest nanomaterial currently known.
Because it can be applied to many fields, it is called the “future material” and “revolutionary material” of the 21st century.

Far-infrared life light wave emitted by graphene

Care for the beauty with the most innate power

When graphene is heated, it can release the far-infrared life light wave of 5~15μmwhich is the most suitable for the human body band.
It can produce the most effective "resonance" with the water molecules of the skin cells,
activate the body cells, promote blood circulation, inject new strength into the cells, and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.

China's first graphene far infrared beauty products

Really meet the light and natural beauty needs of women

Experiencing the origin of beauty
Rossui applies advanced technology to
apply the magical graphene in nature to the skin care field for the first time
give full play to the pure power of far infrared life light waves
0 damage, 0 burden
Reproducing the light and moisturizing, white and clear innate beauty

Professional R&D lab
Rigorous production process